Downstairs Campaign


Looking after your downstairs, so you can be present upstairs.

meet our ai-chatbot

This is Bot-Tom, or Tom for short. He will be your friend during any difficult time you might be having downstairs. The main benefit of the Downstairs mobile app is that you can achieve quick and easy advice on any of your intimate healthcare needs. This advice will be factually correct, customized, and without judgment. Downstairs is a safe space for consumers to share experiences, review products, ask questions, and educate themselves about their bodies.

The downstairs carepackage

Personalised care package sent right to your door! Each and every care package is unique and made with love. When ordering the care package there is a large range of products to choose from.

The Downstairs cosmetics

Our products are made with pH balanced, hypo-allergenic and natural non-GMO ingredients to ensure the best downstairs health.
Our wellness products also come in refillable containers, just send them back to us and we will reuse your bottle – Buy now and get the second one half price!

The downstairs zine

This downstairs zine is a unique, more contemporary version of sex education.

It has inclusive educational information about all things downstairs, we have put our love and care into this zine hoping that it will be a more approachable way for customers to educate themselves about their bodies.

Check out the marketing, brand guidelines, business plan and appendicies!