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This brief within the Creative Conscience Awards 2020really stood out to me as a woman within the LBGTQ+ community, activism is something that often creates a fire in my gut and a passion in my heart to use my creative skills to make a difference. I have experienced inequality in my life from homophobia, sexism, and experiencing trauma at the age of 19 which is the main inspiration through the development of this project.

In today’s society the #MeToo movement has done brilliant things for bringing about awareness around this issue of sexual assault and feminism. However, I still believe there is a long way to go in order to make sure everyone understands the concept of consent. 


My first brainstorm was considering the differences between male and female, looking at all of the glorious people whose gender identity is either not their assigned at birth gender or fits into neither gender roles. This got me to thinking – surely due to the stigmas and social norms associated with gender there is not anyone on the planet who fits into entirely male nor entirely female? Every person has a personality that is unique to them, you could be a woman who cannot cook and is great at rugby, You could be a male who looks gorgeous in a mini skirt! In my opinion, at the end of the day, we all are just human. Trying to fit one another into boxes will only prevent us from exploring who we really are, without boundaries the world is a more creative, colorful, and magical place!


During my time at Ravensbourne University, I learned so much about myself and many wonderful skills that can lead me to a very positive career within the creative industry. However, amidst this global pandemic I wanted to use my time cooped up inside trying to incorporate more of a hands-on approach. I am a little old school when it comes to my creative journey and you’ll never catch me without a journal in my bag or a sketchbook on the go. I want to create more tangible products throughout this time indoors such as paintings, zines, and illustrations. This is both to develop my skills that have been out of practice for a while and to showcase the talents in which I find most fulfilling and hope to bring forth into my future career as a creative.

The main benefit for me in working with a more hands-on approach is the contribution it has to the current social media platform I am working on. This will be an Instagram account made entirely dedicated to my illustration and graphic portfolio. I hope to develop a specific aesthetic, feed, layout, and following in order to propel my style and creative outputs into the spotlight.

I will be using template guides and inspiration from some of the biggest illustrator platforms on social media today. There are many pages dedicated to supporting local artists and I plan to get my work showcased in next summers Crystal Palace Arts Association Festival and to have a small stand at the Brainchild Festival, which would have been this summer but has been pushed back to 2021 sue to the global pandemic.

final outcome

My final creation was a hand-painted and illustrated zine telling a short story to help further the public understanding of consent. It uses a metaphorical story of sharing £5 as a way to explain the similarity between stealing and sexual assault. Inspired by children’s storybooks I wanted to re-create the simplicity of storytelling in order to educate. This may come across as patronizing but so is the patriarchy. I hope it can spread a message about equality, consent, and feminism in a light-hearted, creative and impactful way.

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